Hi ! My name is Audrey POLOMAT and I am on a mission to help you enjoy your career. Whether you want to be fulfilled in your current job or if you want to switch from your current career to another one, I am here to support you during your transformational journey.

Throughout my 15 years in the financial industry, I came across several types of people with very different approaches to their lives and careers. Those who enjoyed their lives and careers the most, chose to do so by deciding to take actions.

Are you ready to get the next level ?

What is coaching ?

It is a partnership with the client. We support you in your growth through out your personal and professional development.

We provide you with a safe, structured and trustworthy environment. We honor the confidentiality between the coach and the person who’s been coached.

Whether you need to:

  • identify and clarify your goals
  • development your soft skills
  • learn about to bette communicate
  • get to the next level in your career

Career Coaching — We support you to make a short or long-term career transition, assess your current career situation and develop a plan based on your areas of improvement and your goals.

Life Coaching – We help you clarify your goals and define how to achieve them in your life, career, health and fitness, finances, relationships.

Business Coaching – We support business owners and entrepreneurs through out their journey by identifying goals, defining strategies, and finding the ressources they need to implement.

Leadership Coaching – We support people looking to grow and develop their leadership skills at any level in an organisation. From individual contributors to CEOs, we adapt and tailor our support to your needs.

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Contact me to find out what is your next right move.

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Note : 5 sur 5.

« J’apprécié le soutien »

J’ai pu mettre des mots sur des situations bloquantes récurrentes, voir autrement ce que j’identifie comme un problème, avoir des méthodes pour gérer ses situations


Note : 5 sur 5.

« Très efficace »

J’ai trouvé la méthode du Coach très efficace et j’ai senti une maîtrise de son sujet, de l’écoute et une façon de nous faire parler en utilisant des images vécues tel que des souvenirs 


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