How coaching works?

When we work together, we will partner to help you reach all your goals.  

Imagine having someone to listen to you – professionally – intently, without any hidden agendas and without telling you what to do, or giving you unsolicited advice.  Imagine you have a safe, confidential space to talk honestly about whatever you’re experiencing without judgement.  

Imagine having a true ally on your team who will help you feel truly heard, seen, witnessed, validated and understood… and from this place, be fully believed in and empowered to create a plan of action that truly fits your unique needs so you can get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. 

Is that something that you would find helpful? Someone to brainstorm and bounce ideas off – someone who only ever has your best interest at heart.  That’s some of what it is like to work with me. 

Some of the many benefits of coaching include:

  • Crystal clarity on where you are in your life right now 
  • Feedback from a positive, warm, neutral third party who can truly listen to you without an agenda other than to serve your highest good 
  • Coaching can offer you other valuable alternative perspectives you may be missing, or not able to see because you are so involved in your situation 
  • Being and feeling truly witnessed, seen, heard, valued and validated 
  • Having someone have a rock-solid belief in you, …. Even when… and maybe especially at the times when you need it most… when at times, you may not believe in yourself the way you’d like
  • Education and Skills 
  • When you’re tired of going it alone, and facing everything by yourself, when you’re ready for professional help and support to fast track you to helping you to reach your goals, coaching can help. 
  • A well-thought out roadmap with a robust step by step plan of action to get you to your goal
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